And why, if you get these stages out of order, it will damage the relationship and hinder the growth of your child.


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In this FREE Webinar, you will get...
  • The real, underlying reason why your teen is behaving the way they are – it’s NOT what you’d expect!
  • The simple strategies any parent can use to connect and assist the positive change in your child’s behaviors.
  • The Step by Step breakdown of the 4 Stage Parenting Matrix that will not only show you how to be a more effective parent but how you can help them become the best person they can be, in and out of the home.
  • ​Family Contract will be released at the end of the webinar that takes the emotion out of the discipline and consequences and makes life a whole lot easier for you.
The biggest challenge every parent faces in raising a teenager is the disconnection that naturally occurs during this adolescent period.

When you combine the distractions and pressures from social media, the temptation teens experience at their fingertips in a world of instant gratification, parents are frustrated and very concerned about the direction their teen is headed in.

If this is you as a parent, you are not alone.

Dauntless Nation has been training teens and parents for over a decade and through our experiential learning programs, we have discovered the tools, if used properly, that will bring peace to your home and support your teen to reach their greatest potential.
Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. More than ever, we must be on guard of who we allow to have influence over the lives of our children. At Dauntless, we stand for traditional family values and the foundational principles that strengthen the family unit.


Who We Are & What We Do

Hear from a few of our Dauntless Nation Families...


First and foremost I want to thank everyone involved with Dauntless Nation. My son Jax was not motivated, lacked confidence and distancing himself from his family.I exhausted all my options and felt like I have failed as a mother. This has been a life changing experience for our family,.Since he went through this program he has become more involved with us, gaining confidence daily and more motivated to do things as a family.We have a big support system with other parents, and all of Dauntless Nations Staff.We are all a big family here so know one is alone.I am forever grateful for Michael,Dana and all their staff for helping my family come together as one unit where nothing is impossible. The Bond Family


I was in search of help for my family and Dauntless popped up at the right time on my Facebook feed, we talked with Michael and decided to sign up. My son was resistant but he went and he loved it, the transformation is still on going, it is not immediate, but this is truly a family with Michael and Dana and the team, I can call them for anything whether it’s for me or for my son. My son trusts and believes in Michael wholeheartedly, he can always call him for anything, more importantly, my son always answers the phone when Michael calls him(he doesn’t do that for everybody). The experience that these young people go through together gives them such a strong bond, they get so excited to see each other and hang out, it’s beautiful. No regrets signing my son up for this program. I have plans to sign my other teens up for this, just because it is such a rich experience. If you’re thinking about it, talk with the team to see if it’s the right fit for your family. I know we now are part of this family for life💙 Sincerely Heather- A Guardian of Dauntless Nation


Dauntless has paved the way for positive, major change in our teen. Michael, Dana and their team have been the catalyst to help propel our daughter into more responsible decision making as she beings her transition into young adulthood. We have seen her laughter, smile and joy return after rediscovering herself at the Dauntless experience. Michael and Dana feel like family to us and their sincere love for the families they touch is obvious in the profound difference they are making in the lives of our children.
Our personal take away of this program is: it offers a tool set which can assist our teens in the development of a strong mental fortitude and heart to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. It teaches them team work, how to deal with obstacles, self evaluation, how to turn failure into success and how to stay the course and never give up. We have seen monumetal growth in our daughter in just the first four weeks of a twenty four week program. Dauntless found us when we felt hopeless to help our daughter.
The Dauntless program is far more than they advertise and is nothing short of a miracle. We would do it all over again!
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